If your church will open publicly without government-imposed restrictions that violate personal conscience, the nature of worship, or the ability for people to participate (for example: honouring face-mask exemptions and not turning anyone way) and if you are an authorized representative of your church, please submit your church's information below to be added to this list.
This list will be shared with our partners, subscribers, the press, different levels of government, and the public.
We are hoping for three things:
1. That many people who are needing refuge and sanctuary will flock to these churches and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
2. That our partners, such as End the Lockdowns Caucus and Professionals Against Lockdowns, will intentionally come to our services to take this important stand with us.
3. That we would use this list to stand together in unity and to oppose further lockdowns.

Not a leader? Email them this page and encourage them to join today!

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Urgent: We Will Gather | Easter 2021

Churches that are gathering publicly for Good Friday and Easter Sunday 2021